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  • Ministry of Education and USAID Launch Hospitality Training Center at Jabal Qusoor Fundukia School

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  • The $1 billion Loan Guarantee Agreement signed on Monday is one of the important ways Jordan and the U.S. are partnering to improve the lives of Jordanians.

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  • Students in Aqaba plant trees at their school as part of a community mobilization project

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  • Vocational Training Center students in Jordan earn skills for the hospitality sector.

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  • Mother volunteers to read to children at a “Drive to Read” educational event. Credit: USAID

  • Fact sheet on addressing the impact of the Syria crisis on Jordan

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Let Girls Learn
Let Girls Learn
Education in Jordan
New Crossroad of Opportunity for Jordanian and Syrian Students
Al Zaghal stands beside his winning poster
Young Designer Gets Career Boost

About Jordan

Jordan, a country of 6.5 million people, is a voice for moderation, peace and reform in the Middle East. Its central geographic position – bordered by Iraq, Syria, the West Bank, Israel and Saudi Arabia – brings it into constant contact with regional turbulence that affects its political climate and its economy. Calls for greater freedoms across the Arab world have increased domestic pressure on the Government of Jordan to speed the pace of promised reforms to improve economic conditions, strengthen democratic practices and governance, and reduce public corruption.

Jordan faces a number of daunting challenges as it strives to attain its development and reform goals while also taking advantage of potential opportunities such as a young workforce and improving health and education levels. These challenges include a rapidly growing population, gaps in the provision of basic education, high unemployment, weak citizen participation in governance and politics, water scarcity, reliance on expensive, imported energy, and gender disparities.

To help Jordan attain its goals, USAID is working with the government to create strategies for broad-based political and economic reforms to increase prosperity, accountability and equality for a more stable and democratic Jordan. We are working with the government and people of Jordan to accelerate broad-based, inclusive economic development, strengthen democratic accountability, improve essential services to the public, promote more efficient management of scarce resources, and enhance gender equality and female empowerment.

Addressing Impacts of The Syria Complex Crisis

Last updated: August 19, 2015

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