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Travel Assistant Executive Office


OPEN TO: All Interested Jordanian Candidates

POSITION: Travel Assistant Executive Office

OPENING DATE: September 28, 2017

CLOSING DATE: October 11, 2017

WORK HOURS: 40 hours/week

POSITION GRADE: Foreign Service National (FSN) Grade-08

ANNUAL SALARY: Min. Step 01(JOD12,640) Max. Step14 (JOD 20,856)


USAID/Jordan has an immediate vacancy for a Travel Assistant in the Executive Office within USAID\Jordan. This is a Personal Services Contract (PSC) position, grade FSN-08. The work schedule is 40 hours per week. The salary level of the selected candidate will be determined based on meeting the required qualifications and documented previous salary history. USAID/Jordan may select more than one candidate with this solicitation.

Basic Function:

The Travel Assistant is the focal point for all travel related work for the Mission staff. The incumbent ensures that all Mission travel adheres to Agency and US Government (USG) policies and regulations. The Travel Assistant is responsible for providing a full-range of travel services to all USAID employees. S/he continually recommends innovative solutions to streamline travel procedures and automate processes to provide high level customer service to all staff members. As USAID/Jordan Travel Assistant, the incumbent is responsible for preparing official travel documents for all employees of the USAID/Jordan Mission and their authorized dependents, foreign national employees, other authorized officials, advising staff about travel regulations, enforcing travel regulations and reporting anomalies. The incumbent manages all travel and is responsible for liaising with the Travel Management Center on behalf of all USAID employees.

Major Responsibilities:

The incumbent is responsible for providing the full range of travel services to all employees of the USAID/Jordan Mission. S/he is in charge of preparing all paper and electronic Travel Authorizations (TAs) for all official and entitlement trips for all types of employees, including US eligible family members traveling on official USG orders. S/he also performs travel services for all official visitors and Temporary Duty Staff.

The incumbent is the subject matter expert on travel and the automated travel system E2. The incumbent is considered the official trainer for new staff on the E2 travel system and is responsible for scheduling training sessions for staff requiring remedial training on the use of E2.

The incumbent maintains an electronic and hardcopy filing system for all travel authorizations, and ensures proper maintenance, filing and storage in accordance with the Automated Directive System. S/he is responsible for issuance of open travel authorizations that cover local travel within Jordan. S/he also maintains current Evacuation Travel Authorizations for US Staff and their eligible family members, and prepares evacuation packets. The incumbent ensures that all necessary travel documents are filed and maintained in the vital records system of the Mission.

The incumbent is the primary point of contact on all official travel related questions. S/he advises employees on the Agency’s policies and regulations for official and entitlement travel. The incumbent is also responsible of advising US staff on shipping allowances for entitlement travel as per the USG regulations. S/he researches all travel questions and solves the majority of travel problems independently. S/he provides creative solutions to travel concerns while enforcing travel policies. The incumbent liaises with the Mission designated Travel Agency for all related travel services for USAID staff and their eligible family members, including requesting reservations and ticket issuance. S/he ensures all supporting documents sufficient to pass an audit are contained in the file, including authorizations and cost construct calculations. As the last person to receive the Travel Authorization s/he ensures accuracy and inclusion of all appropriate offices, such as Human Resources, Procurement, and Finance.

The incumbent provides oversight calculations of all funded travel made by others to ensure accuracy and adherence to regulations. On a monthly basis, the incumbent reconciles credit card bills received, provides supporting funding documentation and recommends authorization of payment. Credit card bills may include airfare charges, Travel Management Center fees, and Health and Accidental Coverage Insurance (HAC) costs provided to employees on official travel.

The incumbent maintains and updates the travel section on the USAID/Jordan intranet. S/he uploads and keeps up-to-date all necessary documentation related to official and entitlement travel including updates to Mission Order (s) on travel, per diem and other related issues. S/he also circulates all new and updated rules and regulations associated with official and entitlement travel. The Travel Assistant completes ad hoc reports, such as business class usage, hotel usage, and visitors. The incumbent liaises with State Department Travel Section on the preparation of the required documents for visa issuance for USAID/Jordan employees for official travel; s/he obtains forms and prepares necessary documentation for the traveler to submit his\her visa request.

In coordination with Human Resources Section at the Executive Office, the incumbent ensures that traveling employees have obtained necessary medical clearances to perform official travel. S/he ensures that traveling employees have their Health and Accidental Coverage Insurance, and that accompanying members have also obtained necessary insurance to perform travel. S/he ensures travelers have completed ECC requests and have received approval before issuing tickets. S/he ensures travelers have notified the Regional Security Office with travel plans prior to traveling. The Travel Assistant has total responsibility to ensure that travel is arranged and funded in accordance with USG regulations and in a consistent manner, and that all documentation presented to staff authorizing travel is complete and defendable. Further, s/he ensures the travel is arranged in a manner that meets the requirements in the most efficient manner.

Qualification Criteria:

1. Education: At least 2 years of College/University Studies is required. Supporting documentation (i.e. a copy of College Certificate, University Degree or a certified document from university that candidate has completed two years of study must be included in the application for eligibility purposes).

2. Experience: Three years of progressively responsible experience in an administrative support function, travel functions such as working with airlines, and\or hospitality management is required. At least two years of experience in serving the general public and providing customer service support is required.

3. Language Proficiency: Level IV in both written and spoken English and Arabic is required. At Level IV an employee is required to possess a high degree of proficiency in both written and spoken English, including the ability to translate the host country language into precise and correct English, and English into the applicable foreign language. On occasion, an employee at this level might be expected to act as an interpreter in situations where considerable importance attaches to proper word meaning. English language proficiency will be tested.

4. Skills and Abilities:

  • The incumbent must demonstrate excellent customer service skills, excellent professional attitude, excellent patience, tact and diplomacy in handling complaints, ability to exercise sound judgment, originate create solutions within a regulatory framework for addressing concerns and handling requests.
  •  The incumbent must demonstrate a high level of accuracy, anatytical skills, attention to details, consistency, punctuality, quality control and time management.
  • The incumbent must be able to estimate travel budgets, and demonstrate knowledge about domestic and international travel rules and regulations.
  • The incumbent must be able to demonstrate a standard understanding of shipping and luggage handling. Also, the incumbent must maintain good working relationships with all types of contacts; and be able to operate in a highly diversified functioning team.
  • Demonstrated excellent computer skills in specialized software including Windows and Microsoft Office suite, data analysis tools, ability to navigate the Internet with ease, and must have demonstrated skill to operate office equipment.

Selection Process:

Applications will be initially screened for eligibility in accordance with the qualification criteria above. Applicants must address each criterion in their application in order to meet the minimum qualifications for this position. Top-ranked candidates who meet the minimum qualification criteria will be given an English test. Applicants with passing marks will be given a skills technical test. The skills technical test will be on any of the criteria previously mentioned and top-ranked applicants with passing marks will be invited for an interview. Testing and interviewing will be conducted in Amman, Jordan. USAID\Jordan will conduct reference checks on top-ranked candidates. USAID will screen for nepotism/conflict of interest in determining successful candidacy. Internal employees must have completed 52 weeks of employment in their current position before being eligible to apply. If internal employee’s Human Resources Officer approved a waiver, the wavier must be included in the application package for eligibility purposes. Interested applicants for this position should submit the following as a complete application package to Email: ammanresumesusaid@usaid.gov

a. A current curriculum vitae that includes the National Jordanian ID number,

b. Filled and signed Universal Application for Employment (DS-0174),

c. Copies of educational certification for eligibility purposes.

* *Failure to submit copies of certification will mark your package incomplete and will eliminate your application from the recruitment process even if you were qualified.

For emails with several large attachments, please divide your attachments on two or three emails (e. g. in the subject heading write part 1 and attach some of the documents and for the rest of the attachments please attach them on another email(s) as required and write the sequence of parts in the subject heading)

Note: Application forms can be accessed from the Embassy web site: https://jo.usembassy.gov/jobs/ Benefits and Allowances: As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a Foreign Service Personal Service Contract holder is normally authorized the following benefits and allowances:

- Transportation & Miscellaneous Allowances

- 13th & 14th Month Bonuses

- Jordanian Social Security

- Mission Provident Fund Program

- Medical Insurance (Employee & Family)

- Life Insurance (Employee only)

Point of Contact:

Questions may be directed to the Human Resources office, USAID/Jordan, Tel: 06-5906000 extension 6876/ 06-5906000 extension 6605.

Last updated: September 28, 2017

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