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Children discuss stories they read in their weekly book club meeting with Eman Awamleh, founder of Carnaval Play & Learn.

Every few seconds, the narrow wooden floor creaks as a group of giggling children flows through the corridors of Carnaval Play & Learn, an after-school and summer program in the city of Zarqa, located to the northeast of the capital city Amman. Each laugh and slam of the door is music to Eman Awamleh’s ears, a mother who founded this one-of-a-kind center in Jordan.

Areej Abu Safiah at Reem Factory, 29 March 2016.

One of the greatest challenges facing the manufacturing sector in East Amman today is the retention of a talented, skilled workforce. Newly hired employees often arrive at the first day of work without the skills necessary to complete the three-month trial period for their employment, leading to increased hiring costs and declining productivity in companies.

Ala Daibes, owner of North Jordan Mountain Bike Center, stands in his shop shortly after the grand opening.

Pristine mountains, breathtaking scenery and beautiful nature wherever you look. That’s what the north of Jordan is all about. But the problem is that most people are completely unaware of the hidden gems that we have out there, and therefore never visit,” says Ala Daibes, founder of the North Jordan Mountain Bike Center.

Abdullah Sharari, owner of a tire fixing station in Irbid, stands behind a tire changing machine in his new shop

Potholes and rough roads can take their toll on cars and trucks, especially when they are used multiple times a day. Abdullah Sharari has worked in the tire maintenance industry for over 30 years and knows the industry like the back of his hand.

Areej Al Awaqleh at Al Mustamera Factory. March 3, 2016.

The Jordan Workforce Development Project, which runs from 2014-2019, is designed to increase private sector employment, especially for women, youth and those living at or below the poverty line. To date, the project has successfully placed more than 300 Jordanians in new jobs in the food production, clean energy and garment sector and launched eight public-private partnerships to create job placement and improve employee retention. 


Last updated: May 24, 2017

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