Handicrafts Training Provide Youth Skills and Confidence to Forge New Paths Forward

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Raghad’s discouragement quickly changed when she got the support and encouragement she needed in the YouthPower Handicraft Training.

Raghad, a 19-year-old going through a challenging financial situation, was rejected from public schools due to her hearing disability and was not able to continue her education. Much to the surprise of her trainers and youth leaders at a recent USAID learning activity, Raghad stood out in the handicrafts training she attended. Her strikingly creative products and newly discovered talent allowed Raghad to confidently complete the training and pointed her down the handicrafts path. With her new ability to sell her products, she branched out to designing accessories, painting on stones, and now she draws on clay pots and designs mobile phone covers.

“Through USAID YouthPower’s youth, my daughter discovered her creative talents which has been a great outlet for her to express her feelings,” says Raghad’s mother. “I can say in great confidence that these youths helped improve Raghad’s psychological state.”

USAID supports the efforts of people with disabilities in Jordan to gain access to essential services and contribute to building a brighter, more prosperous future.

Since 2017, USAID has supported more than 584 youth-led initiatives through YouthPower in 60 communities in Jordan which has enabled more than 17,961 youth to realize their full potential and pursue their dreams. As the YouthPower activity comes to an end, USAID continues to empower youth to act as engaged citizens and productive members of society, to advocate for themselves, and to shape services to better prepare them to enter higher education, vocational training, and the workforce. 

Last updated: April 08, 2022

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