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Unlocking the Potential of Youth
June 22, 2022

Two-thirds of Jordan’s population are under the age of 30 and the youth unemployment rate is approximately 50 percent. Insufficient employment opportunities and an education system that does not prepare youth for the workforce lead to apathy, frustration, and a perception by youth that they are not included in the process. USAID programming encourages equitable participation of youth in the economy and public life, which is essential for the country’s political and economic stability.

Schools for a Knowledge Economy Project
June 22, 2022

USAID’s school for a knowledge economy (SKEP) project is building and furnishing 25 new schools throughout Jordan, increasing students’ access to inclusive, environmentally-friendly, and student-centered learning environments. To address limited access to public space for extra-curricular activities, nearby communities can access the schools’ multipurpose and meeting rooms, computer labs, and recreational spaces outside of school hours.

Partnership For Youth
June 21, 2022

USAID works directly with the Ministry of Youth to support the development of young Jordanians to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and social networks they need to thrive. This includes the development of a Virtual Youth Center housed at the website, SHABAB.JO, the activation of six youth centers and training for Ministry staff in areas like human resources, finance, policy development, internal communication, and monitoring and evaluation. USAID and the Ministry consult directly with youth groups and local communities to co-develop effective and inclusive solutions so youth participate directly in the execution of the projects. Underlying each initiative is USAID’s commitment to better respond to the needs of youth and their communities.

Jordan School Expansion Project
June 21, 2022

Launched in April 2014, USAID’s Jordan School Expansion Project works with the Ministries of Education and Public Works and Housing and multiple local construction firms to expand public schools and improve access to quality basic education across Jordan. The Jordan School Expansion Project improves efficiency, student and staff circulation, and safety within schools so that principals and teachers can better supervise spaces.

Jordan Education Infrastructure
June 21, 2022

In partnership with both the Ministry of Public Works & Housing and the Ministry of Education, USAID Jordan’s Education Infrastructure project builds, furnishes, and expands schools, and improves school infrastructure. These services include assessments, feasibility studies, designs, capacity building, operations and maintenance, customer service, and financial support. The objectives of these services are to reduce overcrowding and double-shifts in Ministry schools, provide safe access to students with disabilities, ensure equitable learning environments, and improve the resilience of children and youth in Jordan.


Last updated: June 22, 2022

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