Water Governance Activity

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Water Governance Activity
Water Governance Activity


Jordan is one of the most water scarce countries in the world. Unless the water sector prioritizes sector governance strengthening, improved financial performance, and sustainable management of water supplies, the country will experience a further deepening water crisis amid climate changes and population growth.


Together with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, USAID Jordan’s Water Governance Activity promotes sustainable water sector management and governance by strengthening reform efforts, policy development and implementation, and capacity building for sector counterparts. The USAID Water Governance Activity
improves the government’s oversight of water management through developing and updating actionable water strategy and policies that focus on measurable impacts and accountability. The Activity works with water companies to improve service delivery and financial performance. The Activity will focus on reducing network losses, improving cost recovery, and strengthening management systems. Moreover, the USAID Water Governance Activity will support the government and water companies’ efforts to raise public trust in the water sector and build public support for water conservation and sector reform efforts. By improving governance and management of the water sector, while simultaneously improving water services and increasing citizen and private sector participation in water management and conservation, the
USAID Water Governance Activity strives to improve Jordan’s water security and ensure all citizens have improved and equitable access to water resources.


  • Resolve water sector policy issues through an updated national water sector strategy and strengthened water governance policies.
  • Strengthen the government’s capacity to measure and implement policy reform initiatives within the water sector.
  • Improve water sector performance by reducing losses, increasing water supply efficiencies, and improving utility cost recovery.
  • Strengthen the performance and accountability of utility services by building management approaches and incentives that must account for financial performance, operational efficiency, and customer service and not solely water delivery.
  • Facilitate Assignment Agreement updates that enable utilities to manage for efficiency and financial performance and modernize staffing.
  • Improve public trust in the sector to generate the appreciation and acceptance of needed reforms and cost recovery measures across the government and among the public.
  • Build the capacity of personnel at the Ministry of Water and water, Water Authority of Jordan utility companies in the areas of communication and behavior change approaches while increasing the leadership of women, and youth, as well as engaging the private sector.
  • Support acquisition of equipment and systems needed to implement the governance and utility management improvements for sustainable change.

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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