Technical Assistance Program

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Technical Assistance Program
Technical Assistance Program


The Government of Jordan has made great strides in policy reform and strategy development. This includes establishing the National Strategy for Human Resources Development, the Education Strategic Plan, and the National Strategy for Youth. USAID has also made significant investments in Jordan’s education and youth sectors to support sustainable long-term sector-wide reforms including support to early grade reading and mathematics, teacher training, and systems strengthening. To institutionalize these reforms the Technical Assistance Program works with the Government of Jordan to transform the organizational culture and improve effectiveness at the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and to promote innovation in the education and youth sectors as a whole.


To ensure that government partners have the necessary skills and resources to effect change in the education and youth sectors, the Technical Assistance Program transforms the organizational culture and increases the institutional capacity within the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth. The activity complements the direct financing that USAID provides to the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth by building the capacity of Ministry staff in technical areas such as Arabic literacy, mathematics, science, and English, and in operational areas, including procurement, human resources, and information management.


  • The Activity will enable the Government of Jordan to effectively lead and manage education and youth reforms and improve the government’s ability to efficiently budget, plan, and implement its strategies.
  • Capacity-building will improve Ministry staff's ability to mobilize domestic resources, to finance its needs and streamline procurement and human resource systems.
  • An improved organizational structure within the Government of Jordan will be supported by the Technical Assistance Program. It will encourage inclusion and gender equity at the Ministries of Youth and Education--both within their ranks and in their programming.
  • Support Ministry of Education improvements in key areas such as teaching practices, school leadership and management, and student learning outcomes for Kindergarten to Grade 10 students in foundational subjects, including Arabic, mathematics, science and English is key to the Activity’s success.
  • Technical assistance provided to the MOE for the design and implementation of a diagnostic study on Arabic literacy and mathematics to assess learning loss for students in Grades 4 through 11.
  • The Activity will contribute to the design of a three-year remedial program for Grades 4 - 11 in Arabic literacy and mathematics. The activity will support the Ministry to develop instructional materials; students’ textbooks, teacher training manuals and assessors guidelines.

Last updated: June 21, 2022

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