Rehabilitation of Zara Ma'in Water System

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Rehabilitation of Zara Ma'in Water System
Rehabilitation of Zara Ma'in Water System


Jordan is one of the most water-scarce countries in the world.A rapidly growing population and changing climate strain the already shrinking water resources. Jordan’s water systems provide comprehensive service coverage throughout the Kingdom, but water supplies are not always constant.Aging infrastructure results in significant water loss. Jordan requires expansions and upgrades to water treatment plants, water distribution systems,sewer collection systems, and wastewater treatment plants including expansion of effluent reuse in order to cope with the growing demand for diminishing surface water and groundwater resources, and to strengthen Jordan’s water security.


The Zara Mai’n water supply system was originally constructed between 2004 and 2006. USAID funded 85% of the construction cost for an amount of $106 million.The Rehabilitation of the Zara Ma’inWater System enhances efficiency and reliability to reduce power consumption in conveying 38 million cubic meters of treated water from 340 meters below sea level to elevations exceeding 900 meters above sea level.As part of the JordanWater Infrastructure Project, this activity is replacing the twenty outdated pumps in the five pump stations with energy-efficient pumps. The activity will also provide redundancy and sustainability in the system by installing a new pump and motor in each of the five pump stations. Once the pumps and motors are installed in 2022, a sustainable and more cost-efficient supply of water will reach 1.7 million Jordanians.


  • Built the infrastructure needed for an additional pump and motor in all five pump stations.
  • 25 new pumps are in the process of being installed.Twenty old pumps were replaced and five new motors and five new pumps were installed; all pumps’ efficiency reading exceeded the contract requirement of 89%.
  • The preparation of tender documents for the Zara Main Bypass Facility has started in accordance with the USAID host country contracting mechanism.

Last updated: June 15, 2022

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