Private Sector Engagement

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Private Sector Engagement
Private Sector Engagement


Despite ongoing domestic challenges and regional turmoil, Jordan’s overall business and investment climates are improving. Its growth potential is fueled by a young, highly-educated, and dynamic workforce. USAID wants to build on this potential and work with the private sector to embrace market-based solutions, support market systems across sectors, and leverage the private-sector’s expertise, resources, and investment in addressing Jordan’s development challenges. USAID’s Private Sector Engagement Policy is aligned with the Government of Jordan’s vision to increase and deepen collaboration with the private sector as it pursues reforms to improve private sector competitiveness, increase participation of women in the economy, and expand economic and employment opportunities across the country to strengthen Jordan’s political and economic stability.


USAID has co-invested in public utilities, convened diverse stakeholders to drive effective policy reform, and mitigated risk through products and programs that facilitate investments in local businesses. USAID facilitates co-investment in business and technology-driven initiatives that educate, empower, and increase employment opportunities for women and youth; improve domestic and commercial water and wastewater usage and management systems; deepen collaboration with Jordan’s national and municipal governments through public-private partnerships; and expand access to products, services, jobs, and markets across the Kingdom.

There are three primary types of Private Sector Engagement:

  1. Donor-led: USAID leads the effort. Activities and assistance leverage private sector resources and expertise, and the engagement may or may not be aligned with commercial interest or core business operations.
  2. Co-creation: USAID is a co-creator with a private sector partner through joint identification of programming that addresses shared interests. Aligning the interests of the private sector and USAID is a promising opportunity to explore ways to work together to address business challenges and opportunities while advancing sustainable development impact.
  3. Private Sector-led: USAID facilitates activities and assistance that address private sector constraints or risks. The engagement is built with for-profit and market-based approaches.


Donor-led interventions:

  • USAID conducts extensive consultations with fellow donors, the Government of Jordan partners, private sector and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Trade in the design of new activities.

Co-creation interventions:

  • USAID engages the private sector in designing and procuring new activities by hosting pre-solicitation conferences; co-creating program descriptions; and soliciting private sector input on statements of work and program descriptions through Requests for Information.
  • USAID issued a Jordan-Specific Addendum to the Global Development Alliance Annual Program Statement to further encourage and facilitate partnerships with Jordanian private sector firms and to establish and describe criteria for partnering with USAID/Jordan.

Private sector-led interventions:

  • USAID launched the Business Growth Activity in 2021 to enable Jordan’s small and medium enterprises to improve their productivity and competitiveness.
  • USAID invested $10 million to support local firms Endeavor Jordan and Silicon Badia to launch a new startup program, Beyond Capital, to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Jordan through comprehensive support for entrepreneurs, related finance specialists, and angel investors.
  • USAID facilitates engagement between private sector partners interested in development loans and the International Development Finance Corporation to expand businesses and exports.
  • USAID signed a memorandum of understanding with the local Toyota distributor to form a public-private partnership to create an adventure trail in the Wasfi Al Tal forest near Amman. Toyota finances the project, while USAID facilitates government and community support.
  • USAID mobilized corporate donations from Safwa Bank and the Microfund for Women to support distance learning in the time of COVID and uploaded reading material and audio stories onto donated laptops that enabled vulnerable children as well as children with visual impairment to access education programs during extended school closures.


All twelve governorates


Jordan Chamber of Industry & Trade
Jordan Chamber of Commerce
Jordan Exports
Jordan Investment Commission
Beyond Capital Jordan
Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund
American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan
Ministries of:

  • Planning and International Cooperation
  • Investment
  • Water and Irrigation
  • Private Public Partnerships Unit at the Prime Ministry’s Office

Last updated: July 26, 2022

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