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In the past twenty years, Jordan’s population has doubled to approximately 11 million people with nearly 1.6 million students in public schools. The Ministry of Education projects that more than 100,000 students will be added to those currently enrolled, adding significant pressure to an already strained education system. Jordan needs more schools to meet the intense demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration, inadequate infrastructure, a growing population, and an influx of refugees from regional crises. While schools struggle with overcrowding and strained resources according to the 2015 census, 79 percent of children with disabilities do not receive any form of education. Students with disabilities remain severely underrepresented in schools for many reasons including a lack of schools that can accommodate their diverse needs, as well as transportation to and from school, and public spaces that facilitate their freedom of movement. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Ministry of Education, USAID is committed to ensuring that all children have access to equitable and quality learning


USAID’s Inclusive Schools Program will construct and furnish 30 Ministry of Education schools throughout Jordan. The Program seeks to increase access to high quality, inclusive education for all students. The schools will provide adaptive, inclusive, and safe learning environments that respond to the Ministry of Education’s Education Strategic Plan (2018-2022) and align with USAID/Jordan’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (2020-2025). What makes the Inclusive Schools Program unique is that the school facilities will accommodate students who have physical disabilities and special needs, ensuring equal access to all.

In addition to providing inclusive spaces where children can learn, the program will also reduce overcrowding in schools and the dependence on double-shifted and rented schools. The schools will be energy efficient, made with local materials that are easy for the Government of Jordan to operate and maintain. The improved school buildings and equipment will encourage expanded community involvement with the schools and their students.


  • Build and furnish 30 new schools with fully-equipped science, computer, and vocational labs which will accommodate 35,000 students per year. The program will provide furniture, equipment, and accessories to equip learning spaces that meet the needs of all students.
  • Increase the enrollment rates of persons with disabilities in the educational system.
  • Provide improved and safe learning environments that promote critical thinking and student-centered learning.
  • Create positive attitudes towards the inclusion of students with disabilities in schools and raise awareness about the importance of their education.
  • Reduce Ministry of Education use of overcrowded, double-shifted, and rented schools.
  • Maximize community involvement in the schools.

Last updated: June 16, 2022

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