Jordan School Expansion Project

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Jordan School Expansion Project
Jordan School Expansion Project


In the past twenty years, Jordan’s population has doubled to approximately 11 million people and Jordan now has close to 1.6 million students in public schools. The Ministry of Education projects that more than 100,000 students will be added to those currently enrolled, adding significant pressure to an already strained education system. Jordan needs more schools to meet the demands related to the COVID-19 pandemic, immigration, inadequate infrastructure, a growing population, and an influx of refugees from regional crises. Working in partnership with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and the Ministry of Education, USAID is committed to ensuring that all children, including children with disabilities, have access to equitable and quality learning environments.


Launched in April 2014, USAID’s Jordan School Expansion Project works with the Ministries of Education and Public Works and Housing and multiple local construction firms to expand public schools and improve access to quality basic education across Jordan. The Jordan School Expansion Project improves efficiency, student and staff circulation, and safety within schools so that principals and teachers can better supervise spaces.

USAID’s investment in infrastructure through the Jordan School Expansion Project includes 120 school expansions to reduce overcrowding, the construction of 354 kindergarten classrooms, and the addition of 49 sports fields and youth facilities at existing schools. Over the span of the project, more than 180 million students, including nearly 10,000 kindergartners and over 6,000 teachers will benefit from additional classrooms, rehabilitated bathrooms, and accessible learning spaces. By partnering with the Ministries of Education and Public Works and Housing and working with local construction firms, USAID is strengthening the capacity of local institutions to manage educational infrastructure projects in Jordan.


  • Completed expansion projects in 102 schools. Included in these expansion projects were: 988 classrooms, computer labs, science labs, resource rooms, multi-purpose halls, and teacher rooms.
  • Constructed 193 new kindergarten classrooms, giving more than 4,825 students access to public kindergartens.
  • Improved access to quality education for students with disabilities in 102 schools by installing ramps and accessible toilets. In all schools assisted by USAID’s Jordan School Expansion Project, door openings, railings, and table heights follow international accessibility regulations.
  • Conducted an important safety certification course for staff of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and partner engineering firms. USAID promotes best practices within the public and private sectors of Jordan’s critical construction industry, supporting uniformity of high-quality safety, design and building standards. School construction is vital to Jordan’s physical infrastructure and also to employment within Jordan’s economy. Improved learning environments benefit teachers and students alike and are the foundation of strengthened human capital for Jordan’s next generation.

Last updated: June 21, 2022

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