Delivering Quality Education Fact Sheet

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Jordan’s people are the country’s greatest asset and maximizing their potential to contribute to Jordan’s stability and economic growth is a key priority for the Government of Jordan. Delivering quality education is fundamental to ensuring that the country’s large youth population has the necessary skills to play a positive role in the county’s future. Jordan has made great progress in increasing access to education, with nearly universal primary enrollment and gender parity in Jordanian schools. However, despite widespread access to education, challenges remain. Schools are overcrowded and in varying states of disrepair, teachers receive limited training and support, and learning outcomes remain low. By grade three only 34 percent of children read at grade level. A growing population of Jordanians and the influx of refugees have stressed Jordan’s public education system, and children and youth who fall out of the system lack opportunities to get back on track. The COVID-19 pandemic has added additional pressure on the Ministry of Education to deliver education despite school closures.

In 2018, the Ministry of Education launched its five-year Education Strategic Plan to ensure that all children and youth can gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in a 21st-century knowledge economy. USAID supports the Government of Jordan as it expands access to quality education for children and youth, improves recruitment and training of quality teachers, and develops sustainable and self-sufficient education sector planning and administration.

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Thursday, October 28, 2021 - 7:15am

Last updated: November 01, 2021