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Improving Quality Education in Jamaica
USAID/Jamaica Improving Quality Education in Jamaica

From 2013- 2016 the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) collaborated with USAID/Jamaica through a Government to Government (G2G) initiative to implement a comprehensive reading activity. The activity supported the GOJ’s efforts to improve reading among students in Grades 1 -3 of 450 poor-performing primary and All Age schools across Jamaica. To date USAID has impacted more than one million Jamaican youth.

Program Targets:

  • To enhance Grades 1-3 teachers' competence in the teaching of phonological awareness, phonics and vocabulary;
  • To improve grades 1-3 students' performance in the fundamentals of reading instruction;
  • To further equip school principals and education officers in the effective management of literacy instructions in the schools that they supervise;
  • To provide parents with basic knowledge and skills and strategies on literacy development so that they can better impact their children's progress in education;
  • To provide classroom teachers and other stakeholders with free access to all literacy resources developed under the Ministry of Education USAID Jamaica Basic Education Activity;
  • To improve delivery in areas of the curriculum that deal with gender based instruction; and
  • To improve the tracking and monitoring of literacy resources and programs of the Ministry through adequate human resource and technical management.

Last updated: August 25, 2016

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