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Trade and Regulatory Reform

group of people at a trade show in Iraq
A trade show in Erbil featuring handicrafts produced by enterprises supported by USAID microfinance activities.
Louis Berger/USAID Tijara Provincial Economic Growth Project

The Iraqi economy is evolving into a freer market with greater private sector participation. The government must still make considerable economic and commercial reforms, however, to make Iraq more economically competitive as it integrates into the global economy.

USAID helps the Government of Iraq implement administrative and regulatory reforms that will help the government meet international trade standards and treaty obligations. These reforms will enhance trade and remove impediments to efficient border clearance of imported and exported goods, creating transparency and predictability and attracting foreign investment. They will also help make doing business in Iraq easier by modifying current laws and regulations covering company registration, industrial licensing, import licensing, investment, bankruptcy and business closing.

Last updated: November 08, 2016

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