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Transforming Lives

Women's Legal Rights Awareness Workship in Baghdad

Women-focused civil society organizations estimate that at least twenty percent of the female population in Iraq has either no formal identity or has serious impediments in proving their identity.

Schoolchildren on pedestrian bridge in Basra, a community project supported by USAID

Children in Basra, in southern Iraq, face numerous impediments to their education, from overcrowded classrooms to the lack of hygienic washrooms, desks and teaching aids.

Political stability and economic growth bring Kurds home from Europe

In 1999, Ari Hishyar Sedeq Hassan moved to Germany where he worked in a bakery in the small town of Gronau, producing Black Forest Rye Bread, cinnamon buns, and Kaiser Rolls.

Baghdad Mechanic Ahmed Hamoody repairs an auto air conditioning motor with assistance from an employee

Amid all the uncertainties of modern Iraq there is one immutable constant: when summer arrives temperatures in Baghdad soar to more than 120º F and stay there for several months.

USAID Renovated 50 kindergartens in Baghdad since 2008

Kindergarteners Omar and Zahra’a remember the day their friend Hassan was killed by a passing car while playing on a neighborhood street.


Last updated: November 08, 2016

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