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The fish industry in Iraq floundered over the past decade.  Farmers were faced with a multitude of problems including disease, the lack of electricity, poor feed quality, lack of water and several economic hardships, such as h

Dahuk Butcher Finds Grade “A” Success

Mahmmon Majeed, a young and eager farmer, wanted to expand his Dahuk feedlot business to add a butcher shop for the residents of Dahuk.  This wasn’t an easy operation for Mahmmon to create the Blann Butcher Shop.  The skills i


The Hameediyah Mushroom Farm was established in 1984, just west of the city of Ramadi. The company is privately owned by the Khirbit family. 


Melons are big in Diwaniyah governorate and getting bigger, thanks to the USAID-Inma Agribusiness Program. 

Membership in the prestigious International Association will allow Iraqi universities to work towards full international recogni

Technical assistance and a grant from the USAID Iraq Financial Development Project enabled three Iraqi universities and their business and economics schools to apply for membership of the prestigious Association to Advance Col


Last updated: November 08, 2016

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