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An Iraqi widow helps with packaging Anbar Rice as part of the Rawdi Widows and Orphans Welfare Organization’s job skills program

The hardships Iraqi widows endure on a daily basis is often tragic and devastating.  Many are without a job, without the basic essentials for life and many are raising children they must feed and care for in horrendous conditions.  The loss of their husbands and loved ones have left many without any opportunities for a better life because of the

Five micro loans totaling $38,000 helped Saad Abdul Ridah Hassan build four retail shops, a wholesale warehouse and a city-wide

Saad Abdul Ridah Hassan grew up poor in Diwaniyah, an impoverished town of 450,000 about 100 miles south of Baghdad. At age seven he began selling newspapers to motorists stopped at traffic lights.

The inauguration of the first office of public policy in Baghdad, Iraq. The event was attended by representatives of the Governm

Under the previous regime, the Iraqi people had no voice in their government and no say in the formulation of the policies that directly affected their lives.

Small Business Development Center in Erbil turns employees into entrepreneurs

During the two years Awaz Ahmed worked as a producer for Kurdistan Satellite Television she always felt vaguely unfulfilled. “My life largely consisted of doing what people told me,” she explained.

Al-Zaytoon Olive Association members in Ninawa install new olive processing equipment provided by USAID-Inma.

The olive industry in Iraq is beginning to grow and prosper, and much of the credit for the growth belongs to the USAID-InmaAgribusiness Program. In 2009, in accordance with Congressional mandate to work with religious minorities in Iraq, USAID-Inma specifically targeted funding to help an olive producer in Ninawa province called the Al-Zaytoon Olive Association. The funding, which totaled $700,000, helped fund new equipment, technical assistance and other development needs.


Last updated: November 08, 2016

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