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Transforming Lives

A customer compares high-quality Iraqi foodstuffs at Baghdad International Airport. The duty-free store, featuring several USAID

For the first time, travellers passing through Baghdad International Airport can pack a taste of Iraq in their carry-ons.

Dr. Abd Dhyab Alajeely discusses the importance of public hearings at outset of his higher education committee’s proceedings in

For decades, Iraqi citizens had no say in government. 

Today that is changing with the election of Iraq’s Council of Representatives and the convening of public hearings where people express their views about proposed laws.

A $5,000 loan, made possible with assistance from USAID, helped Khalil Ismail Elyas expand his farm and nearly double his monthl

Khalil Ismail Elyas, a farmer from Ninewa Province,is growing more than tomatoes and peppers. Thanks to a USAID-supported microfinance loan, the 25-year-old is expanding his business, hiring workers, and increasing revenue.

Feed mill in Diyala

On July 25, 2011, the Iraq Grandparents Feed Mill opened for business becoming the fifth feed mill upgraded to international standards by the USAID-Inma Agribusiness Program.

Feryal, an Iraqi girl who transformed her life through USAID program

Tragedy is a word still often heard and used in Iraq.


Last updated: November 08, 2016

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