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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Berhyah's best-selling product, date balls, made from Iraq's most famous type of date, the Berhi.

Berhyah is a famous Iraqi dates processing company located in Basrah. It is distinguished as one of the best companies producing quality local sweets and traditional treats, with dates used as the main ingredient in Kleicha (date cookies), date syrup, tahini halva (sesame sweets), and date balls. 

“The company is named after one of the most famous types of dates in Iraq – Berhi - with the aim of making our brand name as the best souvenir reflecting the Iraqi identity,” said Berhyah’s owner. 

Berhyah started in 2018 as a small business with five employees producing handmade date-based sweets. The company focused on its growth potential and strived to expand its business. It started marketing its products to other Iraqi provinces and then to countries such as Jordan, Malaysia, and Sweden. This growth has brought the total number of employees to 17.

Unfortunately, Berhyah’s packaging failed to live up to the high-quality standards of its sweets. Their boxes fell apart easily, resulting in many ruined packages of treats and lower sales.

“It is not easy for us to accept the idea that the quality of packaging is not what our customers expect. The cost of purchasing a new packaging machine is very high and the company cannot afford it at this time. USAID support will help us purchase the machine and this will lead to improving our final products and increasing our sales.” Berhyah’s owner said.

USAID will support Berhyah by providing it with a high-tech packaging machine, which in addition to improving their packaging, is expected to provide additional 15 new job opportunities for the company. 

Last updated: November 01, 2021

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