Embarking on a New Journey

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Jehan (front) prepares to start her new job, ready to help people in her community.
Hind Ahmed

2013 was a year full of excitement for Jehan. She had just graduated from university and was ready to start her career. Unfortunately, that enthusiasm quickly disappeared the following year when her hometown of Mosul was taken over by ISIS. 

Jehan felt like her life was put on hold. She couldn’t work, and safety was her only concern. After the liberation of Mosul, she couldn't find a job because she lacked the required skills. Then COVID hit, which made it even harder to find work.

Jehan took a break from applying for jobs to learn new skills. She decided to enroll in a USAID-supported Business IT course to prepare herself for the tech-enabled workplace. Three weeks into her second course, she applied for a Field Monitor position at a major non-governmental organization and was accepted. “It took a lot of motivation and perseverance to continue, with constant ups and downs, but it was up to us to believe that good things will eventually happen,” she said. 

Jehan attributed her success to the skills she learned through USAID’s program. "The IT skills that I learned made this opportunity available for me. I also learned how to create a professional CV and to be prepared for a job interview, all of which gave me the confidence to apply again for jobs.” 

USAID supports Iraq’s youth in expanding their skillsets to be better prepared to apply for jobs. So far, more than 35 percent of graduates have found new employment, and others continue to be supported and mentored in their search.


Last updated: November 01, 2021

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