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Friday, February 5, 2021
Combining his passion for business and cooking, Shvan decided to launch his own business, "My Review", with support from the USAID-funded Ignite program.

Shvan Omar, 28 years old, was born and raised in Sulaymaniyah. Though he has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance, Shvan’s true passion for cooking has led him to work as a chef working in different restaurants in the province. In his spare time, Shvan enjoys going to restaurants and trying out new dishes on their menus. As a chef himself, he also likes to discuss cooking-related ideas with restaurant staff. This gave Shvan the idea of developing an online application called “My Review” where people can write their review about food, service, and atmosphere of restaurants across Sulaymaniyah. 

Shvan faced many challenges in starting “My Review”. He had no idea about market needs or how to reach future customers and looked for support from contacts and even local organizations to help him turn his ideas to a successful business. Finally, Shvan found the answer through the USAID-funded Ignite program, which he heard about through Facebook. The program which taught him about market and client needs. “The Ignite program helped me map my business journey and I am more determined to turn my ideas into a real business,” said Shvan.

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