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Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Chra is a young engineer from Erbil who is fascinated by the worlds created by children. With support from USAID, she was able to turn an idea for a child-centered application into her own business.
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Chra is a young civil engineer based in Erbil who speaks English, Arabic and Turkish fluently. Chra has always dreamed about her own company. Despite having a degree in civil engineering, she finds her passion in developing young children’s skills and education. Chra decided to create a mobile application called “Creative Minds” for children to develop critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills through interactive games and activities. 

Chra was convinced that her business idea can improve others’ lives, but she was not sure of how to start and what business strategy to take. With support from Ignite, a USAID-funded program, Chra gained the confidence to organize her own business and learn new skills on how to attract customers.

“I learned how to express  my ideas, analyze the data that I have collected, work in a team, and learn how to be different from my competitors in my field also” said Chra.

Chra also learned the importance of initiating contact with children’s organizations in order to understand the best ways to teach children and provide more tailored services to children and their parents. With this new knowledge, Chra hopes that “Creative Minds” can reach more customers and become a beloved application for parents and children alike.

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