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Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Women play a critical role in the welfare and security of Iraqi families and are a significant force in influencing the revitalization of civil society and economic development within the country. Holding true that nations where women are educated, employed, and active in public life are more stable and prosperous, USAID actively supports the needs and interests of Iraqi women and incorporates gender considerations into all activities.

USAID works with elected officials, community leaders and grassroots organizations throughout the country to advocate women’s interests. USAID’s programs support women entrepreneurs, business leaders, elected officials, professionals, and widows to ensure that they benefit from increased economic growth and increased capacity building.

Our impacts in this sector include:

  • Collaboration with the High Commission for Civil Service Reform to pass a new civil service law that will, for the first time in Iraq, incorporate the concept of equal opportunity in the Iraqi civil service and prohibit discrimination based on gender.
  • Enrollment of more than 10,000 women and girls in one-year basic literacy and numeracy trainings, which include topics such as democracy and governance, women’s rights, and needs identification and prioritization.
  • Funding of more than 1,866 projects through the Marla Ruzicka War Victims Fund which benefits more than 166,200 war victims, including women and their families, by helping them set up their own businesses, pay for medical procedures, including the procurement of prosthetic limbs, or helping them repair structural damage to their homes.


Last updated: October 26, 2016

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