Reducing the number of people needing food assistance in drought-prone areas by constructing community assets that enhance future food security

Implementing Partners: World Food Program, World Vision International, Cultivating New Frontiers in Agriculture

USAID Investment: $50 million since 2011

Contact: Erina Machoko

Constructing community-based assets that enhance food security and diversify livelihoods for food insecure households:

  • Building irrigation systems, dip tanks, fishponds, cattle sales pens, dams, etc.

Helping local communities create, manage, and maintain their own assets:

  • Establishing and equipping community-based committees (Project Implementation Teams and Asset Management Committees) with both software and hardware skills

Allocating leadership roles in community-based committees that manage day-to-day construction:

  • Increasing skills and raising confidence through training
  • Improving livelihoods by ensuring that at least 50 percent of beneficiaries are women

Partnering with other donors, such as the Swiss and the Japanese Governments:

  • Constructing community assets in the same communities that complement each other