Improving physical and social learning environments for students, teachers, and communities


  • Schools for the Knowledge Economy Project
  • Jordan School Expansion Project

Learning Environment:

  • Improved Infrastructure Program
  • Enhancing School Management and Planning

USAID Investment: $330 million

Contact: Andrew Parks, Issam Omar

Investing in school infrastructure through renovation, expansion, and construction:

  • Addressing the education needs of the large influx of young Syrian refugees
  • Reducing overcrowded classrooms and schools, particularly in urban areas
  • Updating facilities with new teaching materials and equipment
  • Presenting opportunities for out-of-school and at-risk youth

Targeting the government policy and institutional capacity to do operations and maintenance:

  • Providing professional development for educators to improve teacher and student performance
  • Improving psychosocial school environments to reduce drop-out rates

Enhancing school quality and learning features for all students and teachers:

  • Providing life skills activities
  • Fostering a safe and more suitable school environment