Empowering the most disadvantaged citizens to identify and address their development needs by defining and implementing community development plans

Implementing Partners: Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in consortium with Caritas from San Marcos Diocese and Caritas from Quetzaltenango Archdiocese

USAID Investment: $50 million

Contact: James Evans-Butler, AOR; Claudia Agreda, Alternate AOR

Strengthening infrastructure and access to services for indigenous populations:

  • Expanding access to drinking water and quality education
  • Strengthening existing public spaces for women, youth, and indigenous people’s engagement in decision-making on local development issues
  • Identifying contributions from communities, the private sector and local governments for implementation of community development activities

Empowering Western Highlands citizens to identify and address their own development needs:

  • Strengthening community institutions so they define priorities and take financial and organizational responsibility for sustaining results beyond the life of the project
  • Developing new skills in planning, budgeting, implementing, and monitoring development activities
  • Improving the life prospects of the poorest and most vulnerable citizens of 200 communities in the Western Highlands

Working to improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations in marginalized communities:

  • Identifying women and young leaders who can provide technical advice during the planning, implementation, and monitoring of community development activities
  • Strengthening women’s and indigenous community groups

Building relationships with local, regional, national, and international private and public sector representatives to garner interest in investing in community development in the Western Highlands:

  • Identifying specific opportunities for co-investment and leverage
  • Developing and participating in a private sector outreach strategy
  • Household consumption and income