Directly addressing the root causes of food insecurity in chronically food-insecure regions through public works, natural resource management, and social infrastructure interventions

Implementing Partners: Catholic Relief Services, Food for the Hungry, Relief Society of Tigray,

World Vision Ethiopia

USAID Investment: Over 80 percent of a 5-year budget of $577 million

Contact: Moges Worku

Helping to restore watershed services to protect vulnerable populations from shocks, including:

  • Protection of downstream homes, other properties, and infrastructure from damage due to sedimentation and flash floods
  • Enhanced water availability from groundwater recharge and improved stream base flow
  • Improved land productivity and biodiversity from improved soil fertility

Improving social services available to vulnerable groups:

  • Construction of school classrooms, veterinary clinics, farmer training centers, access roads, heath posts, and domestic water sources
  • Opportunities for employable skill-transfer to community members, particularly for the jobless youth, including masonry, plumbing, and carpentry

Increasing opportunities to earn and participate more:

  • Earning income from direct employment in public works
  • Decision-making positions in community groups and engagement as forewomen
  • Less time spent on travel to water points, health service centers, and the market

Exchanging development approaches and technologies between regions and countries

  • Synergizing food security benefits from public works efforts and natural resource management interventions
  • Savings and internal lending communities
  • Using grey water to grow vegetables for household consumption and income