Improving connectivity of economic corridors and improving access to public health and education services

Implementing Partner: Various

USAID Investment: $25,000,000

Contact: Alejandro Maceda

Rebuilding public infrastructure damaged by Tropical Storm Ida, to include bridges, schools, and a clinic, to assist El Salvador in its economic recovery

  • Building the San Antonio Bridge with local materials and using local modern technology, such as pre- and post-tensioning techniques
  • Utilizing an adaptive approach to bridge design that resulted in a more robust structure at a lower cost than the conventional approaches

Modern school building concepts with lower operations and maintenance costs that are sustainable, seismic resistant, and use bioclimatic design to improve the classroom ambience

  • Provided the Ministry of Education with a prioritization tool for infrastructure investment
  • Provided the Ministry of Education with new building concepts that are being used as a baseline for upgrading new schools

Improved conditions for women to work at construction sites

  • Construction of separate dressing rooms and bathrooms for women
  • Sexual misconduct was prohibited through construction company policy and awareness-building at construction sites