RFP Indonesia-EXO-14-013: CDCS Roadshow

RFP Number: Indonesia-EXO-14-013
Issue Date: April 7, 2014
Closing Date: Not later than COB 04/21/2014: At noon, Jakarta Time

Subject: Request for Proposals No. Indonesia-EX0-14-013; Event Organizer to provide event planning, coordination and overall management of logistics and media relations support for USAID/Indonesia's CDCS (Country Development Cooperation Strategy) Roadshow during the period of May through December 2014 in Jakarta and other cities within Indonesia.

Dear Prospective Bidders,

The United Sates Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development Mission to Indonesia (USAID/Indonesi a) is seeking proposals from qualified organizations/companies interested in providing a team to organize events for USAID/lndonesia's CDCS Roadshow as fully described in the attached Statement of Work.

The award (Purchase Order) will be under open and competitive simplified acquisition procedure. under which any type of organization, large or small, commercial and non-profit organizations, local companies/organizations are eligible to compete. The prime contract award will be limited to organizations/companies whose office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia only. The procedures set fo rth in Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 13 shall apply.

The selected vendor will be responsible to manage the event including preparation of logistics, venue and meeting packages arrangement, participant's travel arrangements, media relations support. travel reimbursement administration for outside city participants/journalists, collecting al I press clips related to the USAID roadshow and set up press interviews for U.S. Embassy Officer with targeted journalists in 6(six) cities/location of event (Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Jayapura, Pontianak, and Ternate), reproducing materials, event implementation and logistic support before and during the events.

The Companies/Organizations wishing to part1c1pate in this procurement are required to submit proposals which consist of 2 major parts: Volume 1: Technical proposal; should include of the company profiles, experiences and clients list including the achievement outcomes for clients, methodology of summary reporting and Follow-up session; Volume 2 as the Cost proposal in breakdown descriptions, including the payment conditions they may have. Costs for service, supplies, communications, and logistics will be under fix ed costs. Travel costs should be listed under reimbursable costs.

The detailed cost proposal for the proposed budget should show fixed costs and associated costs separately. The details should include costs for in-country travels for the above destination; reports; transportation; communications; supplies; and other associated costs needed during the period of service. The Contractor must propose costs that they believe are realistic and reasonable for the work. This procurement action will use a fixed price contract type, with limited reimbursable costs. All reimbursable costs over USD 50 will require original receipts with the requests for reimbursements.

Respondents to this solicitation should include the following information in their proposals:

1. General description of firm and proposed sub-contractor(if any), including area of expertise, credential of team members and offer staff that will play roles in leading the event and major relevant experience(including list of clients and contact numbers)

2. Illustrative agenda/work plan that included required components for leading the event with successfully and demonstrates an understanding of USAID's desire outcomes for the training event organizing with specific ideas and examples. This illustrative agenda will be refined and finalized in consultation with USAID, and the Outreach team prior to the event date.

3. List of Team members names including CVs and job roles description during the roadshow preparation, venue, travel arrangement, local contact in each required location, media relation, reporting and post roadshow event, the Lead team of this organizer requires English speaking and writing fluently.

4. The main complete proposal should not to exceed 10 pages of legal s ize papers and should be included with the detailed of cost proposal.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 12:00 noon, Jakarta time, April 21, 2014 by electronic mail to ndivccha@usaid.gov with a copy to: mmulyati@usaid.gov or by courier service (hardcopies) to the following address:

USAID/Indonesia- Executive Office
For the attention: EXO/A&A
U.S. Embassy Annex
JI. Budi Kemuliaan I/no.1
Sarana Jaya Building. 16th floor
Jakarta I 0110, Indonesia

All proposals will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria as described in the attached Scope of Work.

Selection Criteria of applicants:
a. Technical approach 30 points
b. Managerial approach 20 points
c. Key Personnel expertise 15 points
d. Past Performance 15 points
e. Cost/Price 20 points
TOTAL 100 points

USAID/Indonesia anticipates one award under this solicitation. Please note that the U.S. Government may award this contract without discussion and as such initial applications should represent the best possible and most competitive terms avai lable. The U.S. Government reserves the right to issue one award or none as a result of this RFP. A Purchase Order will be awarded for this procurement subject to the availability of funds.

Thank you for your interest in USAID/Indonesia.


  1. SOW
  2. Selection criteria description
  3. EBO form (AID-1420-17)


Monday, April 7, 2014 - 2:45pm

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