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Image of Secretary of State Clinton speaking to an audience in Indonesia during an official visit.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Indonesia in February 2009 during her first official overseas trip, demonstrating a clear US interest in developing the countries' already strong relationship into a long-term partnership based on shared values.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim majority country in the world. In June 2009, President Obama, in a speech in Cairo, expressed the need to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based on mutual interest and mutual respect. 

Today USAID has a unique opportunity to create a deeper, more strategic partnership with Indonesia. Concerted diplomatic, development and public outreach efforts are fully underway to engage Indonesia’s large Muslim population. While significant progress has been made, we believe more can be done.

In Indonesia, USAID aims to:

  • Build collaborative networks across communities of faith and partnerships between faith communities, local government and civil society;
  • Facilitate open discussion to generate creative policy and technical solutions to longstanding economic, social and religious challenges;
  • Mobilize collective action on key practical issues where faith communities can provide meaningful service; and
  • Increase U.S partnerships with civil society and faith-based communities in areas of mutual interest.

Last updated: November 13, 2015

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