Equipping Youth with In-Demand Skills for Employment

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Indonesia has conducted research showing that in Jakarta, its bustling capital city, as many as 200,000 high school graduates lack the skills they need to meet job market demands. The United States helps equip youth with skills ranging from technology to leadership to communication to boost employability and on-the-job competence. 

Indonesia’s booming digital and service economy demands a skilled young workforce that can meet growing consumer demands. Enhancing the ability of local vocational schools to graduate alumni with top-notch, relevant, and marketable skills will put more young people on a pathway to success, benefiting them as individuals and the economy as a whole. 


Through AWARE3, USAID works with local government partners in Jakarta to support 25 vocational high schools (SMK) to establish and grow partnerships with businesses and improve their curricula. AWARE3 equips teachers with proven soft skills teaching methods and materials so that they can be more effective in the classroom. The project will also facilitate virtual work readiness training and industry classes as well as internships in high-demand industries in Jakarta, including manufacturing, information communications, technology, maritime, creative industries, and tourism. 


By mid-2022, USAID, through supporting AWARE3, seeks to:

  • Equip 250 teachers in Jakarta with tools and skills to implement work readiness learning curricula (incorporating distance learning);
  • Reach 4,500 students with work readiness curriculum and industry classes through a digital classroom platform; and
  • Facilitate collaboration between 50 industry partners and high schools in Jakarta to create student internships for vocational students.


Jalu Cahyanto, USAID at jcahyanto@usaid.gov
Sattiya Langkhapin, EDC at slangkhapin@edc.org

Last updated: August 19, 2021

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