Reducing the Threat of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

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Indonesia continues to grapple with one of the world's highest tuberculosis burdens, a problem further exacerbated by gaps in treatment coverage for drug resistance tuberculosis (DR-TB). The United States collaborates with Indonesia to improve treatment completion rates, reduce the transmission of DR-TB, and save lives. 

DR-TB standard treatment requires a medical professional to observe a patient taking medication, often on a daily basis, for up to two years. In 2018, only 25 percent of estimated cases received treatment for DR-TB, and only 50 percent of these achieved treatment success. Research shows that patient-centered health services which offer flexible hours and locations, coupled with counselling, nutrition and financial support record a significantly higher treatment completion rate. 


USAID Mobilizing Networks for Self-Reliance to Fight TB (or Mandiri TB, “TB Self-Reliance” in Indonesian) advances Indonesia’s self-reliance in eliminating TB by creating or strengthening support networks for DR-TB patients. These networks include the district government, health providers, TB patient advocacy organizations, and the private sector. The program promotes increases in district financing for DR-TB services through training of local civil society organizations to advocate for and access local government budgets and corporate social responsibility initiatives. The program also supports DR-TB patient care through a TB survivor organization by providing training for pre-treatment counseling and treatment adherence monitoring skills. 

USAID MANDIRI TB works in four districts, and has mobilized 1,600 community volunteers, to accelerate the Government’s vision of eliminating TB in Indonesia by 2030.


The program successfully increased the enrollment rate from 55 percent in 2020 to 73 percent in 2021. By the end of this program throughout the areas of Indonesia , USAID MANDIRI TB aims to reach a treatment enrollment rate of 100 percent with 75 percent treatment success rate for DR-TB cases. 

Last updated: November 18, 2021

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