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New Delhi: Today the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S.-India Strategic Partnership Forum’s (USISPF) renewed their ongoing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), laying the foundation for another five years of close cooperation.  In addition, USAID and USISPF expanded their areas of joint focus to help mitigate the climate crisis, strengthen health collaboration, and accelerate inclusive development in India.

The MOU signed today expands opportunities for collaboration, with areas of interest including environment and forestry; clean energy; water and sanitation; plastic and air pollution; tuberculosis; maternal and child health; HIV/AIDs; gender and women’s empowerment; youth, inclusive economic growth, and financial inclusion; and basic education.  Underscoring their shared commitment to tackling climate change, USAID Mission Director Veena Reddy and USISPF President and CEO Dr. Mukesh Aghi announced the establishment of a new working group, bringing together experts from USAID and USISPF members with a goal of accelerating renewable energy investments in India.

Highlighting the benefits of the collaboration, USAID Mission Director Veena Reddy said, “Private enterprise has the power to lift lives, strengthen communities, and accelerate sustainable development. USAID deeply values our ongoing partnership with USISPF and its members. This MOU leverages the combined capacities of the U.S. Government and the American private sector to support India’s development goals.”

Dr. Mukesh Aghi, President and CEO, USISPF, added, “While conversations on the bilateral partnerships are dominated around economic investments, enhanced trade, and defense deals, it’s important to remember the shared development agenda. For India to achieve its full potential of becoming a $5trillion dollar economy this decade, we will need a collective effort to mitigate the healthcare, environmental, and energy challenges and fill the lacunas that exist in key areas such as education, particularly focusing on girls’ education and environmental sustainability and financing. USISPF was founded with a mission to go beyond trade to make a difference in the life of citizens of both countries, and this MoU with USAID, is a step with a key partner towards seeking brighter solutions for a better tomorrow.”

USAID has partnered with the USISPF since 2016, with the first MOU signed in 2019, with a focus on tuberculosis.  The two organizations have partnered to enhance women’s participation in the energy sector, increase access to tuberculosis diagnosis and treatment, and help women-owned enterprises gain access to finance and business opportunities.

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Veena Reddy Mukesh Aghi
USAID & USISPF representatives standing together with signed MOU
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