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Rajkot, Gujarat: The Rajkot City Municipal Cooperation (RMC) convened, on August 4-5, a workshop bringing together a range of stakeholders, including Rajkot Municipal Corporation, Government Departments, and civil society organizations, to bolster climate resilience and begin discussions on a workplan to facilitate future climate cooperation. The United States Agency for International Development supported the workshop through its Asia Resilient Cities (ARC) initiative. During the workshop, participants developed skills to bolster the city government’s human resources capacity and increase sustainable urban development that harnessed the talent and ideas of all city residents. 

Rajkot, the fourth-largest city in Gujarat, is one of the state’s prime commercial and industrial centers, and home to almost two million people. In recent years, Rajkot has faced an increase in the frequency and intensity of heat waves, water scarcity, and hazardous air pollution levels. Rajkot is located near the coast, creating a higher risk of cyclones leading to flash floods that can lead to environmental and health issues. 

This workshop was the first in a series aimed at developing a plan that uses a systems approach to promote sustainable urban growth; support resilient, low-carbon urban infrastructure; and integrate climate change and environmentally-conscious approaches into the city development plans. The workshop discussed and documented how the city functions, and created a shared goal relating to urban resilience to climate change in Rajkot. ARC and RMC will reconvene this group, and will hold separate meetings with key resident groups and other stakeholders before finalizing the workplan. 

This initiative, supported by USAID’s Asia Resilient Cities program, supports the Indian government’s National Action Plan for Climate Change and advances the U.S. government’s goal of tackling the climate crisis around the world. ARC is implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., with partners BRAC, DevTech Systems, Inc., and ICF in India. 


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