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Fred Hollows Foundation was selected through competition for a $2.1m grant to scale up provision of eyeglasses in Cambodia. Funded by USAID in support of ATscale
The Fred Hollows Foundation

USAID works through the following programs:

  • ATscale: USAID is a founding member of ATscale, the Global Partnership for Assistive Technology, which aims to help 500 million people access assistive technologies by 2030.
  • Consolidating Logistics and Assistive Technology Supply and Provision (CLASP) improves the availability of and access to appropriate assistive technology in less-resourced settings and promotes quality service provision. The project focuses on consolidating the procurement of quality assured wheelchairs and other mobility equipment and offering those products through a simplified procurement mechanism. CLASP simplified procurement for service providers, offers a variety of products, reduces order lead times, and offers economies of scale on purchasing.
  • International Society of Wheelchair Professionals (ISWP) works to professionalize the wheelchair sector through increased coordination with wheelchair manufacturers and service providers and leads the standardization of products and services in the wheelchair sector. 

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Last updated: June 16, 2021

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