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23-07-2022 17:30

Part of what we are trying to do here is draw global public attention to this unprecedented humanitarian emergency that is occurring in the Horn of Africa, that is occurring here in Turkana, in northern Kenya, that is occurring in many, many communities in the region. There are 19 million people now in the Horn of Africa, dependent on emergency humanitarian assistance. Think of every one of the individuals that are part of that 19 million and how important it is that they be able to receive that assistance. 

22-07-2022 19:30

Well done to you all for working so hard over these past four weeks to successfully complete the requirements of your training. On behalf of the USAID/Southern Africa Regional Mission…it is indeed a great pleasure for me to join you the new graduates of the YALI Regional Leadership Center for Southern Africa.  

22-07-2022 17:15

The objective of today's meeting is one, understand the current status of drought situation in the country; two, draw international attention to the drought situation in Kenya and the Horn of Africa; three, share the government added pertinent intervention in response to reducing drought, one of [inaudible] in Kenya; four, understand the resource gap and the proposed way forward to addressing the drought situation in the both short-, medium-, and long-term. I appreciate the U.S. government for its continued support to Kenya, which is demonstrated today by the high-level USAID delegation led by Administrator Samantha Power.  

20-07-2022 11:45

The United States Congress, reflecting the great decency of the American people, has helped mobilize an unprecedented response to an unprecedented crisis, but other governments, foundations, people in the private sector, and anyone else who can help, must stand with us to meet this moment.

18-07-2022 14:45

That world once seemed so very near. In ten years, from 2005 to 2015, the number of people going to bed hungry each night fell by nearly 30 percent, from around 805 million down to still too many, but nonetheless down substantially, to 590 million. Think about what not going to bed hungry meant for those individuals involved.

15-07-2022 15:45

Development assistance like USAID’s is necessary, but clearly not sufficient. We know we must work in close coordination across the U.S. Government as outlined in the strategy. We must avoid siloing this work and instead link it to related efforts, such as the Global Fragility Act; Women, Peace, and Security Act; and others. We recognize the unique approach that each challenge requires, but we also increasingly see that all of these related interventions reinforce each other.

08-07-2022 17:00

We’re going to be saying goodbye to an indispensable leader, Jim Barnhart. Jim has led USAID’s Bureau for Resilience and Food Security for two long years.

07-07-2022 09:00

I am very pleased to be together with you all this morning to recognize the vital work and accomplishments of the Democracy Works Foundation and Augustine and his team in collaboration with political parties, academia, civil society, water and energy stakeholders, and social inclusion technical experts. 

05-07-2022 09:15

My name is Vong Socheata and I am a project management specialist focusing on inclusive governance at USAID/Cambodia. I am very honored to be here with you today. USAID is proud to support the Women Entrepreneurs Act (WE Act), the project in which I have been involved since 2018. I want to thank our longstanding partner – Pact Cambodia – for bringing us together in-person today.

03-07-2022 16:45

I think, first of all, because of rising food prices in this country, I wanted to come to Malawi to bring several new initiatives that could help farmers and ordinary citizens do a better job meeting needs right now. So, we've brought an additional $12 million, begun talks with farmers, with the private sector, with government, about how best to channel those resources. Not a huge amount, but given the needs, every dollar I think counts, given the food security crisis that so many in this country risk facing. 


Last updated: August 13, 2022

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