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Ուրբաթ, 5 Օգոստոս, 2022

ADMINISTRATOR POWER: Thank you so much, Diana. Thanks to all of you who have joined here in person, especially John’s family. Thanks to you who are out there on the big screen. If you’re so inclined, it would be amazing if you could turn your cameras on so that John and his family can see you and distinguish you from the other dots and letters of the alphabet. I can’t tell you the difference it makes, especially for the people joining from the DRC.

I do get a particular thrill out of presiding over these swearing-in ceremonies. It’s become really one of the highlights of my time here as Administrator. I’m glad that they’re appreciated, but it’s really a thrill for me to get to know the lives behind the professionals. And that is what we endeavor to do in these events—but also what we entrust our Mission Directors to go and do with the teams that they’re fortunate enough to work with out in the field.

I’d like to start by welcoming the representatives from the countries where this Mission works: Ambassador Martial Ndoubou, the Central African Republic’s Ambassador to the U.S.; Ambassador Serge Mombouli, the Republic of Congo’s Ambassador to the U.S.; and Mr. Yves Bashonga, First Counselor in charge of Political Affairs for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

04-08-2022 07:45

A special welcome to Chris’ family. His sister Beth and his aunt Maureen are here with us in-person; welcome to you both. His sister Jenna wanted to be here, but she is in Arizona welcoming her newest grandson, Teo, and is watching alongside her son, Tyler and daughter-in-law, Eun Jeong. Chris’ brother, Jon could not make it but we know he is celebrating Chris from afar.

03-08-2022 14:15

No matter where I go in South Africa…whether here in Johannesburg…or in Cape Town…or Durban…I have been struck by the passion and resilience of South Africans…particularly the desire among South Africans to build a more secure, democratic, inclusive, and prosperous country.  

02-08-2022 15:45

As Anu travels to Colombia to oversee our strongest partnership in the region, she will continue to support the inclusive development of marginalized and Indigenous communities, help tackle climate change and foster environmental protections, support Venezuelan refugees that have been generously welcomed into Colombia, and work with the Colombian people to consolidate the peace they so desire.

29-07-2022 09:00

Wildlife is an important part of Cambodia's national heritage and can be an integral part of development. It benefits both the national economy and people’s livelihoods. But Cambodia’s natural resources and wildlife are threatened by the high demand for both luxury wood and wildlife products.

28-07-2022 15:45

It is a pleasure to welcome all of you here today, and those tuned in virtually, to swear in our newest Director for USAID’s Frankfurt Support Center and Mission Director for our Middle East Regional Platform, Aly Cameron.

27-07-2022 18:15

I think you're absolutely right that we have to reconcile our economic objectives, looking out, particularly for people who are living at or beneath the poverty line, with these climate objectives. But bearing in mind that climate change is gonna destroy so many livelihoods, so the case for emissions reduction is an economic case. It is a case actually about justice as well and trying to protect as many livelihoods as we can.

27-07-2022 18:00

I have with me the Administrator for USAID, Samantha Power, who is in India and has met with External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, and she's also met senior Indian government officials, and engaged with the civil society. Maha Siddiqui speaking with NDTV.

27-07-2022 17:45

So, I think these public-private partnerships, that's really the direction USAID has moved in in recent years, is to be more catalytic and coming in in a manner that increases, let's say, investor confidence. I, as the head of USAID, I'm also the vice chair of the Development Finance Corporation and some of the biggest investments that we are making in clean energy and that I think we can make as well in food security resilience will likely come through investment of that kind of capital, which is very different than grant financing and of a very different scale than grant financing from USAID.

27-07-2022 15:45

MR. KESHAV GUPTA: Thank you so much, Administrtor Power, for these moving remarks. Very insightful indeed. I’m Keshav Gupta, founder of The Dais. We are an organization working on sustainable development goals, and especially empowering youth and finding their role in it. Besides that, I’m also currently the president of the American Center eSports club here in New Delhi. And I’m also working as the youth working group coordinator for the World House Project with Stanford University, which in fact, is working on lessons of Gandhi and Dr. King.

27-07-2022 11:15

The importance that we place on this long-standing health partnership with the John F. Kennedy Hospital is indicated by the fact that several different United States Government agencies are involved.  They include USAID, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute for Health (NIH), the Health Resource and Services Administration (HRSA), and the Department of State’s President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, known as PEPFAR.  


Last updated: August 05, 2022

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