BHA Resources for Public International Organizations (PIOs)

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Title of Document Size/Type Date of Revision
Revised FY2021 Call Forward Schedule for Title II Commodities 34kb PDF April 15, 2021
BHA PIO Application Template 153kb PDF December 17, 2020
Annex 1 – Risk Assessment and Management Plan for High-Risk Environments 143kb PDF February 19, 2021
Annex 2 – Food and Nutrition Assessment Table 152kb PDF December 17, 2020
Annex 3- WFP Food and Nutrition Assistance Overview Table 53kb PDF December 17, 2020
BHA PIO Reporting Template 132kb PDF December 17, 2020
Pharmaceutical Guidance 769kb PDF Oct 2, 2020
Pharmaceutical Templates 64kb PDF Oct 2, 2020
Pharmaceutical Disposition Templates 62kb PDF September 7, 2020

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Last updated: June 18, 2021

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