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72052222R10002 - USAID Project Management Specialist (Citizen Security)

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The USAID Project Management Specialist (Citizen Security) serves as the principal advisor to USAID/Honduras leadership on Citizen Security. The job holder will provide violence prevention and conflict mitigation expertise and guidance on relevant citizen security policy reform and management, financing, and conflict mitigation, human rights, trafficking in persons, and violence prevention, including gender-based violence and gang desistance strategies critical for sustainable improvements in citizen security. The job holder will serve as advisor to USAID Honduras’ Democracy and Governance (DG) Office and Mission Management to develop conflict and violence prevention strategies within USAID’s larger development objectives.

The Citizen Security Specialist will focus on citizen security policy development and reform, including issues related to financing and resource utilization, national and municipal-level interventions, conflict management and mitigation, human rights, and related governance aspects throughout the relevant centralized and decentralized intervening agencies within the Government of Honduras (GOH). As the Citizen Security Specialist for policy-related aspects of the Mission’s conflict and violence prevention objectives, the incumbent will represent USAID and the U.S. Government (USG) in various fora and technical commissions and will work closely with the relevant GOH institutions and other donors to maximize the effectiveness of public sector interventions and financing to achieve expected results. The employee maintains high level contacts with key governmental and civil society leaders, other donors, and counterparts in the U.S. Embassy, among others.

In the incumbent’s capacity as Agreement/Contracting Officer’s Representative (AOR/COR), the incumbent will participate in the management of USAID’s citizen security strategy, programs and activities ensuring that conflict and violence prevention reforms and policy in Honduras address key issues in the sector and that investments in the sector produce positive results. The position is located in the DG Office and reports directly to the Supervisory General Development Officer or his/her/their designee.

Last updated: November 24, 2021

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