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HESN TechCon 2014
Higher Education Solutions Network TechCon 2014
Seda's Light
Seda's Light
The Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN) is a partnership between USAID and seven top universities, designed to channel the ingenuity of university students, researchers, and faculty towards global development.
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At the launch of the partnership in 2012, each university established a Development Lab -- with two at MIT -- and created a Network with a mission to revolutionize development through science and innovation. Now in their fourth year, the HESN Development Labs are researching, incubating, testing, and accelerating solutions in partnership with local universities, organizations, and communities to deliver the greatest impact. The network has created a vibrant framework of cooperation between local actors, development professionals, and academics who know that innovation is key to tackle the complexities of modern-day development challenges.

Learn more about each Development Lab's unique focus within science, technology, and innovation for development.

HESN's TechCon 2016, co-hosted by MIT and USAID, will be a unique convening of researchers, students, entrepreneurs and innovators, development experts, field practitioners, and private sector representatives in the Boston area November 10-12. Click here learn more about the event. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact Ashley Heiber to explore partnership opportunities.

Last updated: May 05, 2016

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