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USAID helps Guineans bring social services to remote communities
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USAID priorities include improving governance, increasing accountability, expanding transparency and promoting economic development.

Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

Since the presidential elections in 2010, Guinea has made significant progress in recovering from over fifty years of non-democratic authoritarian rule. In order to maintain political stability and continue a peaceful transition to democracy, USAID facilitates the building of transparent and accountable government institutions in support of an enabling environment that provides access to quality services and opportunities for economic prosperity. Our activities focus on promoting transparency and accountability within government institutions and civil society. We also provide continued support to the electoral cycle and political competition as well as conflict mitigation in the Forest Region, which has experienced a surge in identity based violence.

Global Health

In line with the Government of Guinea’s health goals and objectives, USAID’s development goal is to create an enabling environment for more participatory governance for a healthier country. We prioritize health system strengthening and raising community awareness in order to reinforce the enabling environment with a focus on building the capacity of existing health human resources, strengthening the health management information system, the supply chain management and ensuring quality drugs and commodities are available for positive health outcomes. USAID assists Guinea in delivering an integrated package of health services to its citizens. These programs which began in 2007 are focused on critical priority efforts that reduce maternal mortality, increase child survival and prevent and treat infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Economic Growth, Agriculture and Environment

A range of projects funded by USAID enhance economic opportunities for small businesses, farmers, women and youth and encourage better economic governance. Our cross-cutting approaches are best reflected by its new innovation unit, built on the principles of USAID Forward and dedicated to strengthening local capacity, developing public-private partnerships and advancing sustainable solutions.

We support an activity that strengthens the institutional base for developing Guinea’s human capacity in agriculture and natural resource management. The major focus of the project is to strengthen the Agricultural Institute of Faranah programs and their support in small and medium enterprise development.

In increase access to finance, USAID  developed an initiative to support through a five year Development Credit Authority guaranty program to enhance economic activities. The initiative is a 50 percent loan portfolio guaranty that leverages $5,000,000 in capital in an effort to improve and expand Guinean small and medium enterprises through a local commercial bank. A range of projects funded by USAID enhance economic opportunities for small businesses, farmers, women and youth.

We've also invested in natural resource management for more than 20 years. Through support to the U.S. Forest Service, USAID improves environmental policy, raises public awareness about biodiversity and involve communities in the participatory management of forests and natural resources.

Last updated: June 08, 2016

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