USAID supports Guinea’s national health policy with an emphasis on community participation, accountability, and transparency to improve access, quality, and demand for health services. USAID has launched a new five-year comprehensive health activity called “Notre Santé” (Our Health) that will provide high quality family planning and maternal, newborn and child health services, and continue to strengthen health systems to effectively support malaria control and elimination for a healthier Guinean population. USAID’s support through the Global Health Security Agenda is helping to build a health system that is prepared to respond to public health threats. Thanks to USAID’s support in collaboration with other partners, Guinea was able to contain the 2021 Ebola outbreak and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Democracy, Rights Governance

Through the $15 million program “Supporting the Transition and Electoral Processes” (STEP), USAID is supporting reforms that will lead to peaceful and inclusive elections and encourage citizens to participate peacefully and in an informed manner in elections and political processes as both voters and candidates.  USAID continues to champion the human rights of all people living in Guinea, peaceful engagement, and resolution of conflicts at the lowest level possible, improvements to the justice sector and delivery of accessible public services through effective local governance.

Economic Growth

USAID Guinea engages in many technical areas such as agriculture, environment, entrepreneurship, vocational training, and energy. It collaborates with the private sector to promote market-based solutions, enhance sustainability, and increase development outcomes of its programs. For example, USAID and the Anglo Gold Ashanti mining company’s Guinea subsidiary, Société AngloGold Ashanti de Guinée, have partnered to fund the Siguiri Agricultural Development Activity, which uses a private sector-led approach to increase opportunities for communities affected by mining in the prefecture of Siguiri. The partnership improves commercial prospects for cashew farmers by building linkages among local cashew market system actors.