Mobile Clinics Provide Quality Health Services in Remote Guinea

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Monday, May 23, 2022
.Patients wait their turn at the sorting point in Lalafanyi District in the prefecture of Boffa.

In collaboration with the local health and administrative authorities of Boffa, the USAID-funded Health Service Delivery (HSD) activity organized the first outing of a mobile clinic in the district of Lalafanyi, rural commune of Colia, in the Prefecture of Boffa.

The aim of this activity is to bring quality health services closer to the communities by providing a range of health care services to the most difficult-to-reach and underserved areas and thus help reduce maternal and child mortality.

Mobile clinics offer a range of services to adults and children, including vaccinations, consultations and referrals for additional services in appropriate health structures.

In order to ensure and maintain quality service standards, the health providers at the Lalafanyi Health Center who work in the mobile clinics receive practical training and regular supervision provided by HSD and the Boffa Prefectural Hospital.

This outreach effort which will be held regularly and extended to other health districts supported by the HSD activity, brings quality health care services, including COVID-19 vaccination services, to more than 2000 people in the district.

Last updated: August 10, 2022

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