USAID Provides vaccines for Rabies Control in Guinea

Monday, September 30, 2019
On World Rabies Day, September 28, 2019, over 300 dogs were vaccinated in Faranah.
USAID Guinea

In Guinea, rabies is one of the five priority zoonotic diseases. To raise awareness about rabies, Guinea celebrated World Rabies Day on September 28, 2019 in Faranah, eastern Guinea, in coordination with USAID and its implementing partners.   Vaccination of dogs and communication activities targeting social behavior changes at the community level marked the event. Over 300 dogs were vaccinated and immunization will continue in targeted sites in the prefecture where specimen of dogs tested positive.

In 2019, USAID provided 900 vaccines and the Ministry of Livestock provided 300 vaccines to the prefecture of Faranah for response measures.

Faranah was selected this year for World Rabies Day celebration site because surveillance teams in that prefecture have reported the highest dog bites in the country.  Fourteen out of the thirty-two dog specimens tested at the Central Veterinary Laboratory renovated by USAID in 2018, were sent from the prefecture of Faranah and ten of them tested positive to rabies. Today, the regional hospitals and the Centre de Traitement Epidemiologique (Epidemiological Processing Center) oversee post exposure prophylaxis for dog bites.  The National Health Security Agency orders and dispatches vaccines to the various prefectures. The goal is to get communities to accept the yearly routine vaccination of their animals, including dogs.

USAID works with the Government of Guinea to strengthen the country’s disease prevention, detection, and response capabilities in order to foster its self-reliance.

Last updated: January 17, 2020

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