Strengthening Guinea's Capacity in Animal Health Emergency Management Practices

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020
About thirty participants from various government health and environmental departments and the private sector took part in the training.
Ousmane Condé/USAID Guinea

As part of the USAID-funded Global Health Security Agenda program in Guinea, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized a four-day-training workshop for veterinarians to familiarize them with animal health emergency management tools, learn to formulate and implement emergency and contingency plans for animal diseases, and expand their knowledge to other sectors, notably human health, civil protection and environment services experienced in handling health emergencies and natural disasters.

The training workshop was held in Conakry from February 18 to 21, 2020. The aim of the program is to strengthen the capacity of veterinary services to be prepared for and effectively manage animal health emergencies using the One Health approach.

About thirty participants from the Ministry of Livestock, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Environment, the Civil Protection Office, the Higher Institute of Veterinary Sciences and Medicine, veterinarians from the private sector and socio-professional organizations took part in the training.

Thanks to USAID’s support, Guinea now has veterinarians trained in the latest techniques for managing animal health emergencies using the One Health approach.

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