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USAID helps youth find alternatives to irregular migration through new economic and educational opportunities.

¡Quédate aquí! A series from Jayro Bustamante and presented by María Mercedes Coroy
¡Quédate aquí! A series from Jayro Bustamante and presented by María Mercedes Coroy

It is a fundamental goal of USAID to support young Guatemalans to take control of their future and lead prosperous lives in Guatemala. ¡Quedate Aqui!, is a video series featuring a young Guatemalan who through USAID’s Puentes Project, hard work, and determination is now a successful member of their community.

Video Transcript 
[Español] Guatemala, tierra fértil; cuna de bellezas naturales. Productora de grandes riquezas y talentos. Su historia, sus paisajes y su gente, construyen la inmensidad de este hermoso país. Hoy los jóvenes tenemos el control de transformar todas esas oportunidades en fuentes de ingresos. Soy María Mercedes Coroy y junto a USAID te invitamos a que nos acompañes a este viaje que inicia en el altiplano del país, donde los jóvenes han encontrado fuentes de ingresos que los guiarán al éxito. [English] Guatemala, fertile land; birthplace of beautiful landscapes, producer of great richness and talents. Its history, its landscapes and its people. Create the greatness of this beautiful country. Today, young people, have the power to transform every opportunity in sources of income. I’m María Mercedes Coroy and together with USAID we invite you to join us in this trip that begins in the west of this country, where young people have found sources of income that will guide them to success.

Last updated: November 07, 2022

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