Cultivating Hope

A story of hope for Vicenta and her two sons, and how USAID is improving the lives of farmers through Coffee Value Chains in Guatemala. Read the story

Feed The Future Guatemala

This project improves coffee agricultural productivity, diversifies income generation alternatives, expands access to markets, and increases resilience through implementation of climate-smart nutrition sensitive agriculture, within a market-driven approach.

The objective of this project is to reduce poverty through increased agricultural incomes and improved resilience of small farmers and their families in five departments of the Western Highlands, while improving nutrition outcomes. More specifically, the activity seeks to improve agricultural productivity, diversify income generation alternatives, expand access to markets, and increase resilience through implementation of climate-smart nutrition sensitive agriculture.

This activity is based on a market-driven approach with emphasis on coffee associated with nutrition and income diversification activities. Coffee and nutrition-rich value chains and interventions will address key bottlenecks to on- and off-farm job creation in the Western Highlands.

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This project is expected to run from November 16, 2017 through November 15, 2022 with an estimated total USAID investment of $19,000,000.

USAID’s implementer for this project is FEDECOCAGUA (Federación de Cooperativas Agrícolas de Productores de Café de Guatemala)