Pinabetes Rooted in Guatemala

How USAID is creating jobs and conserving native pine trees in Guatemala. Read the story

This project safeguards natural resources by supporting the development of conservation value chains, the promotion of sustainable land use practices, resilience to climate change, and the strengthening of non-governmental organizations.

The objective of this project is to help Guatemala safeguard its natural resource base through livelihood development, biological monitoring, environmental governance, climate resilience, and cross-sectoral climate policy initiatives. The project is implemented in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Alta and Baja Verapaz, and the Western Highland Departments of San Marcos, Quetzaltenango, Quiché, and Huehuetenango. The project is working with the Guatemalan National Council of Protected Areas, the Ministry of Environment, and the National Forestry Institute to improve the management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation, build institutional and technical capacity, and strengthen policy and legal frameworks. USAID is supporting the development and strengthening of market-driven, community-level conservation, such as timber and non-timber value chains; promotion of sustainable land use practices and strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; reduction of vulnerability to climate change; and strengthening of non-governmental organizations. From 2013 up to December 2019, the project has achieved sales of over US $154.8 million from timber products, non-timber forest products, and environmental services, including tourism services; maintained Forest Stewardship Council certification for nearly half a million hectares of biodiversity-rich forest; and helped to maintain healthy habitats for endangered species, including jaguars and scarlet macaws.

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This project is expected to run from February 8, 2013 through February 26, 2023 with an estimated total USAID investment of $41,905,303.

USAID’s implementer for this project is the Rainforest Alliance.