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USAID partners with Guatemala’s public sector institutions, civil society, private sector leaders, faith-based organizations, and other international donors to foster sustainable development, particularly in critical areas such as poverty and chronic malnutrition, security and justice, and natural resource management.

Office Project Name Implementing Partner
Democracy & Governance Justice Sector Reform Project Checchi & Co. Consulting Inc.
Convivimos Mercy Corps
USAID Local Governance Project/ Nexos Locales Development Alternatives, Inc.
Red Nacional por la Integridad (MNI) MNI
Familiares y Amigos contra el Secuestro y la Delincuencia FADS
Support the Protection of Underage Girls and Adolescents who are Victims of Trafficking El Refugio de la Niñez
Assistance for returning unaccompanied children and family units IOM
Civil Society for Accountable Governance and Citizen Security Project Counterpart International/
Support Electoral and Political Parties Reform and Strengthen Guatemalan Congress CEPPS
Youth and Gender Justice Project Chemonics
Communities Leading Development Catholic Relief Services
Community Roots World Vision
Economic Growth Rural Value Chains AGEXPORT
Rural Value Chains (Departments of Huehuetenango & San Marcos) ANACAFE
Cooperative Development Project CLUSA
Low Emission Development Project International Resources Group (IRG)
Climate, Nature, and Communities in Guatemala Program Rainforest Alliance
Food Security Strategy for Guatemala IFPRI
Guatemala Food Security Partnership under Global food Security PAPA Peace Corps
Promoting Food Security and Trade Integration through SPS and other agriculture-related capacity building USDA
Másfrijol Program Michigan State University
Agenda para el Desarrollo Rural Food Security Center
Opportunities for my Community Project Inter-American Dialogue
Sustainable Economic Observatory Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Buena Milpa CIMMYT
Tropical forest management in the Maya Biosphere Reserve and Sierra de las Minas Biosphere Reserve. US Forest Service
Broader Access to Financial Markets and Services (Development Credit Authority - Loan Portfolio Guarantee Facility, Small and Medium Enterprises) BANRURAL
Broader Access to Financial Markets and Services (Development Credit Authority - Loan Portfolio Guarantee Facility, Forestry) BANRURAL
Mas Riego Horticulture Innovation Lab
Health & Education Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance III (FANTA-III) FHI 360
Health and Education Policies Palladium
Support for International Family Planning & Health Organizations II: Sustainable Networks (SIFPO2/PSI) PLANFAM PSI (Population Services International)
Maternal Child Survival Program JH Piego
Nutri-Salud: Community Nutrition and Health Project University Research Co, LLC
Global health Supply Chain - Procurement & Supply Management Chemonics
USAID/Lifelong Learning Project Juarez & Associates, Inc.
LAC Regional Workforce Development Program FHI 360
USAID HIV/AIDS Combination Prevention program from Key Populations in Central America Population Services International
Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) LMG/PASCA Management Sciences for Health
USAID/Guatemala-Strengthening the Quality of Care and Improving the Quality of Life for People Living with HIV and other Vulnerable Populations Program IntraHealth International, Inc.
Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) SBCC Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Center for Communication Programs
Strengthening Actions in favor of LGTBI Community in Guatemala UNDP
Interagency Partner for Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention CDC
ASSIST: Applying Science to Strengthen and Improve System URC (University Research Co.)
United Nations Partner for Zika Interventions UNICEF
Proyecto zika SIFPO2/PSI/PASMO Population Services International/PASMO
Food for Peace Seguridad Alimentaria en los Primeros Mil Dias - SEGAMIL Catholic Relief Services
Programa de Acciones Intergrales de SAN del Occidente - PAISANO Save the Children International
Planning & Support Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Program DevTech Systems Inc.
G2G - Government to Government Mancomunidad Metropoli de los Altos
Financial Management Forest Conservation Agreement FCG


Last updated: October 30, 2019

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