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72052022R10008 - Project Management Assistant

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The Project Management Assistant is a member of the Planning and Program Support Office (PPSO) in USAID/Guatemala and works under the direct supervision of the MECLA (Monitoring, Evaluation, Collaboration, Learning & Adapting) Team Leader. The Assistant leads key MECLA Team activities and coordinates cross-office collaboration and integration of MECLA into the work of the Communications Team, the Strategy, Budget & Backstops Team, and the Indigenous Engagement team. The Assistant will work with a wide range of people to perform the duties and responsibilities described in this section, including USAID staff, implementing partners, program participants, government counterparts, alliance partners and other stakeholders.
The overall role and responsibility of the Project Management Assistant is to : 1) implement the mission’s collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) agenda; 2) collect, analyze, and use mission data to more systematically and effectively inform evidence-based design, adaptation, and decision-making; 3) update MECLA-related Mission Orders to comply with USAID policy and guidance; 4) prepare MECLA budget planning and analysis documentation; 5) maintain MECLA-related publications including the USAID/Guatemala public website; and 7) review implementing partner MECLA plans.

Specifically, the Assistant will serve as a junior specialist in mainstreaming MECLA practices across the mission to facilitate strategic collaboration, fill knowledge gaps, coordinate periodic reviews and learning events on portfolio progress, (such as after-action reviews and learning groups), and establish and systematize a culture of analysis and use of research and learning in the planning, performance management, evaluation, and design of USAID/Guatemala activities. The Assistant will serve as an activity manager and Contracting Officer’s Representative/Agreement Officer’s Representative (COR/AOR) for small awards.

The Assistant may perform work-related travel.

Last updated: June 06, 2022

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