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  1. USAID/OFDA Kenya Food Insecurity Fact Sheet #9 9/30/2010

    ... resulting in higher quality livestock and increased milk productivity for the ... provinces and southern Rift Valley Province, and yielded above- average ...

  2. Kenya Food Insecurity Situation Report #2

    ... Heavy rains may decrease the yield of the remaining 900,000 metric tons ... as increased rainfall improves livestock conditions and milk availability. ...

  3. Horn of Africa Drought Fact Sheet #28 9/11/2012

    ... will produce below-average yields in many ... and represents the third lowest yield since 1995 ... in livestock productivity and milk availability, according ...


    ... typically account for 50 to 60 percent of annual rainfall and often determine primary harvest yields for most ... Milk production is declining seasonably. ...

  5. Audit of USAID/Pakistan's Smallholder Dairy Project

    ... Observing basic hygiene for milking. ... the first indicator tested, the audit did not link the increase in farmer income with an increase in milk yield. ...

  6. Audit of USAID/Rwanda's Agricultural Activities

    ... successful and cost-effective results as [the UDC project] helped to significantly increase the lactation period and yields of milk production per cow ...

Showing results 51 - 56 for milk yields


Last updated: August 24, 2016